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“…the reader will find leadership concepts such as servant leadership put use and the law of attraction…I beg you, dear reader, stay with it. The rewards will be plentiful as there is much to be gleaned from this book…I will close with giving this book my highest recommendation. Even if you have read hundreds of self-development books as I have, you will find this one to be unique and filled with pearls.” – Amazon Review 

“The book does conclude with a short section to assist the reader with implementing the lessons shared within the story of the book. Without a doubt, if a person takes these lessons seriously and goes through the exercises Webster suggests, they will find out more about themselves and what they need to do to become more fulfilled, and in fact find the prosperity within. I especially like the four D’s, with Discipline being my favorite. I liked the book and recommend it for those looking for a motivational story filled with sound strategies for improving one’s life.” – Amazon Review

“I like that this book was written in story format.  It made the concepts easier to digest as they could be applied to a personal situation.  The principles used in this book can be used to teach others how to find the prosperity in life…If you are wanting to change your life, then this would be a good start…” – Blog Review