Finding the Prosperity Within follows the experiences of a talented, motivated, and accomplished young woman named Jamie who has never reached her full potential in the business world. Her life seems to be at the mercy of people and events she can’t control. Failure after failure has made her believe that she will never prosper to the extent she desires—until she makes an acquaintance that changes her life and leads her on a personal journey to a world of prosperity she has never known.

Jamie’s new acquaintance, a seasoned business pro and success coach named Tim, enters her life at a pivotal time. Jamie has devoted herself for a number of years to a company that is on the verge of imploding because of poor management decisions. She and her colleagues, seeing the impending doom, develop a strategy for avoiding the disaster. But their egotistical boss, who is recognized for his management expertise despite the fact that his employees are responsible for keeping him from failing, will have none of it. He insists on steering his company toward the precipice, taking his employees with it. For Jamie, this is just another in a string of experiences where the least qualified people prosper while the most deserving people go unrecognized.

That’s when Tim starts turning Jamie’s world upside down. He suggests that Jamie’s feelings of failure and disappointment are not the product of her experiences, but rather her disappointing experiences are the product of how she’s thinking of herself. Startled by such a claim, Jamie pushes back—until Tim shows her, through real life examples, how her entire experience is the product of her thinking. He explains how other peoples’ thoughts and the steady drone of doom and gloom she picks up from her environment have, over time, molded how she sees herself, causing her to think in self-destructive and limiting ways that she doesn’t even recognize. Then he starts to show her how to rediscover her native worth and take control of the thoughts she entertains about herself and her experience. This opens up rich opportunities that have always been available, but which she wasn’t capable of seeing in her negative state of mind.

Finding the Prosperity Within is a game changer. You will never be the same after reading it, and you will never play the role of “victim” as you chart your own path to prosperity. This book is not about positive thinking or “talking” yourself into a different experience. It is about changing how you think about yourself and your world and finding the prosperity that is already yours, but which has gone untapped.