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  1. Doug Brown says:

    An applicable call to action plan no matter what your pursuit. Each chapter found me wanting to know what Jamie would learn next. The book revealed or maybe reminds us about what obstacles try to hold us back; knowing the enemy is 3/4 of the victory. Thank you for your insightful and entertaining tale and especially for the workshop steps at the end! This is something we can all do.

  2. Gary says:

    Great book! It was inspiring, adventurous, metaphysical, realistic, and deeply satisfying, because it’s not just a book about business but the story line is a metaphor for life.

    As Tim assisted Jamie in her exploration for career solutions, the reader begins shedding their own fears, condemnation of others and excuses. Then challenges are viewed as stepping stones to prosperous expression in every area of life…relationships, health, intellect, time, spirituality, and yes, earning a substantial living with passion.

    The wisdom of the ages is revealed in this incredible read, which I highly recommend to everyone ready to take an introspective journey.

  3. Jan Duke says:

    This book was inspiring and invigorating, It made me want to leap into action. Learning from Jaime’s failures and victories, and encouraged by her success coach’s words of wisdom, the writer presents a road map for self evaluation and discovery. I finished the book feeling the whole world is conspiring for my prosperity and my job is to silence the fear and doubt.

  4. Carolyn Shipman says:

    There’s an old Chinese Proverb, “Open a book and the book will open you.” That Proverb aptly describes the effect this book, “FINDING THE PROSPERITY WITHIN” by Brian Webster will have on its readers. I have no interest in being a business professional and when beginning to read the book, thought well, this doesn’t really apply to me, but kept reading. Shortly I found that I was more and more able to relate the uplifting ideas to my own experiences. Reading from one chapter to the next, I became more and more interested in learning how I could be helped personally. Everyone can be benefited by the ideas Brian has so clearly laid before us! It simply must be shared! It could easily become a best-seller!
    There are so many “Self-Help” books on the market today, and surely, some of them are truly helpful, but none could be better than this book! I am planning to use it as a textbook and expect to see positive results! Failure just isn’t an option!
    Thank you! Brian Webster

    Carolyn Shipman

  5. Meera says:

    I am in the middle of reading this wonderful book and I can’t reiterate how absolutely inspiring and motivating this book is. Not only is it extremely well written, but it’s very thought provoking. Finding the Prosperity Within couldn’t have come at a more apt time, as I am currently discouraged with my career prospects and am battling every day monotony, a self-absorbed boss, and feel like I’m stuck in a job that I have no desire to continue. This book compels you to channel your inner motivations to examine inherent interests and hobbies to make a change for the better. It also motivates anyone to reflect upon their current job, discover tenets of your true interests and leverage them to be happy and successful. This book is an amazing tool to give yourself the chance to learn more about who you are, what you want and to do something you actually love.

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