A little about the author…

Brian Webster, Author, Financial Educator

Brian Webster is an experienced entrepreneur and business strategist. He is also a seasoned writer, speaker, business leader, husband, and father.

In addition to authoring the popular motivational book, Finding the Prosperity Within, Mr. Webster is the President of the St. Louis Chapter of the Society For Financial Awareness (SOFA). There he spends his time as a financial educator teaching individuals, families, and members of churches, employer groups, and non-profits how they can attain personal and economic independence.

Mr. Webster is a strong advocate of encouraging people to take their financial future into their own hands and reach and exceed their financial goals by building businesses of their own. To this end, he works with one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in America — Quantum Success Strategies, or QS2 — which not only offers financial solutions that everyone needs, but also encourages individuals to build their own businesses by marketing and selling these products themselves and distributing them through teams that they build. This becomes a way of creating direct and passive income streams that can supplement or replace what they are currently earning.

Before jumping into the financial world, Mr. Webster was a serial entrepreneur. He most recently worked in the online education and training marketplace where his passion was to bring cutting-edge learning breakthroughs to students and businesses internationally.

Mr. Webster has founded, or been on the founding team of, several businesses, primarily in the technology arena. The bulk of his early professional career was in marketing where he worked with a top-10 international public relations firm and held several marketing positions within established and early-stage companies. He started his professional career as a high school science teacher.